Who we are


About us

We are two guys with a passion – for speed, engineering and design.  We discovered a joint interest in anything with wings, wheels or an engine, including timepieces.  We both collected watches and agreed that there were watches that we wanted that we could not find.  So we joined forces, channelling our hobby and perhaps an obsession into something more tangible.  So was the germination of an idea.  We researched, debated, argued, disagreed, agreed, despaired, laughed, but always believed.  Doing everything we could to find the best ingredients, we have found some truly amazing craftspeople along the way, with passion, vision and energy, people who could turn our thoughts into parts to bring the concept to life.  And we found that many of those people were as obsessed with ‘getting it right’ as we were, if not more so in one or two cases.  We hope that they are as proud of our collective effort as we are, and that you will get a sense of that craft, effort and passion when you wear one of our creations.  As a UK watch manufacturer, we want as many of the components as possible to be sourced within UK, we will seek to use and help UK craftspeople to deliver our ideas, but quality must always come first.  All of our watches are and will always be built entirely in UK.


About our watches


We have already given you an inkling into our inspirations and aspirations.  We welcome your ideas and input.


We need and will source the best quality movements we can, otherwise it’s just an objet d’art.  We want endurance, a legacy, a product of intrinsic utility, reliability and value.


We want function, but also form and finish.  It needs to look and feel right.  The cases we use are beautiful quality, superbly finished.


In relative simplicity, there needs to be quality and finesse.  We are always testing new methods, ideas and challenging designs.  After all, the dial is the face of our design.


Bespoke hands on each creation.


There is no watch like ours, there is no wrist like yours.  That is why our watches come with a selection of straps and we will try to source whatever you want.  We are proud to say our personal favourite is a bespoke creation made for us, in Somerset, from locally tanned Pittards leather by a true dedicated craftsman.


We care about your unique watch and we want to make sure you or the recipient have a memorable experience.  You have our personal 5 year warranty and should you scratch it, drop it or need expert attention outside of warranty, we will always do our best to help at a fair price and with your agreement.  We own or have access to all the tooling data associated with our watches so it can be completely rebuilt from scratch if necessary.