Our work


This whole venture was conceived and is run by Rob, Steve and Katherine from a couple of light industrial units in the South West.  We design, source and compile every element, particularly as many of the components are subjected to a number of processes at different locations.  We do all of our design work, from concept through to CAD work in-house at the workshop, including packaging and marketing.  We are steadily increasing our own engineering capability, capacity and knowledge for both prototyping and production aspects.  It has been a steep learning curve but our previous experience as business owners and from the military helps keep it all on track.  We manage the entire supply chain from sourcing, through stock control, quality control at each stage to assembly and delivery of the finished project.  Meticulous in our attention to detail, we see this as a very personal service we offer, we know all of our suppliers and prefer to do business face to face or at least over the telephone.