Our thinking


We are inspired by previous generations of forward thinkers and current thought leaders.  Our eye is on feel, functionality and form.  We seek to create designs that pay homage to innovative ideas, individuals and projects, where our quality and attention to detail provides a fitting tribute to these iconic moments.  By bringing the past up to date, we hope it can be re-admired and have relevance today and tomorrow.



Great design fuels our passion for reinvention.

We are inspired by forward thinking concepts and engineering, people and projects that were perhaps extraordinary.  We want to celebrate these individuals and their achievements because they are defining moments that we should mark.




Taking the essence of the past, making it relevant now, to inspire future generations.

We don’t want to change what is already brilliant.  But we can perhaps add to our understanding of it and its relevance.  We did this with our first creation, the Mach 2.






With fidelity of design, materials and engineering, to explore new ways of representing the iconic theme and time.

We have taken our ideas further than we could ever have imagined, incorporating genuine pieces of past feats into our creations, in our eyes, helps bring those achievements to life in new ways.